Mouthguard, Splints & Sleep Appliances


Playing active sports has the potential to cause trauma and injury. A mouthguard is a removable rubber or polyvinyl shield worn over your teeth, most commonly the upper teeth, to protect the teeth and jaws from traumatic injury during these sporting activities. A customised well fitting mouthguard is the only way to adequately protect yourself.


Splints and Sleep Appliances

Nightsplints are worn to protect the teeth from bruxing habits and sleep apnoea splints are similar devices that are worn by people who are diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) . They also aid in the cessation of snoring. We provide all these devices as well as organising sleep studies to assess if you have OSA. Sleep apnoea can have deleterious effects on your overall health putting you especially at risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Oral appliances are one of the options that you can use to treat mild or moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, as well as snoring. You put the appliance in your mouth at night, before you go to bed. There is no need to wear it during the day.

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