About Brunswick Dentist

We Won’t Get On Your Nerves

Brunswick Dentist is a local community focused clinic providing a relaxed, personalised and professional dental service. We are one of a handful of Nationally Accredited dental clinics in Australia.

Our philosophy is one that promotes optimal oral hygiene which can sustain a healthy mouth for life with minimal intervention by us. We can also provide comprehensive, aesthetic and current evidence based dental care when required, in all facets of dentistry.

We are also here to provide aid for parents to educate and establish sound oral hygiene habits for their children. This is reflected in our participation in the CDBS (Child Dental Benefits Scheme funded by Medicare), through our volunteering at local childcare centres and schools, and finally the provision of free consultations for children under five.


Giving Back To The Community

Currently sponsoring the local Futsal OZ clinic which provides a valuable outlet for people of all ages to engage in some level of physical activity.

Regularly donating our time in helping patients who are unable to provide for their own dental treatment via the National Dental Foundation.

Fostering good relationships with local primary schools and child care facilities by providing free, onsite educational programs to ensure our future generation of children have a good start to their oral health. Prevention is always best.

Dental Technology & EducationWe pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, service and technology and that helps us work with our patients in achieving the best possible result. The latest in dental technology and computing offers an exciting range of solutions for our patients and advanced diagnosis options to our team, including:

  • Digital X-Rays (with 90% less radiation)
  • Magnifying Loupes
  • Intra Oral Macro Camera
  • Root Locators
  • Camera with Side Flash
  • Tooth Models

Music & Media

TV or DVDs of your choosing can be screened upon request, as well as internet streaming music and live radio from around the world so that you can choose your own preferred music genre.

Alternatively, you are more than welcome to bring your own music, if this allows you to be as comfortable as possible during all procedures.

Dental Education

By showing you models, dental charts, information sheets, posters, dental models and digital animations, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our patients with as much information as they need to make the best decision.

Digital X-Ray

State-of-the-art digital X-Ray systems have been installed to ensure we can provide fast and accurate images in your initial appointment. You can instantly view the results on screen as we explain the diagnosis.

Cameras – Intra Oral

Cracks, holes or other tooth-related problems can be small! In order to show patients exactly what is going on each tooth, we use quality intra-oral and Nikon DSLR macro lens cameras which can capture high-resolution macro dental images on our screens. These all help us make the best treatment decisions for you.

New dental patient special offer

Online intro offer temporarily suspended due to Covid-19

We would love to get in touch with you once the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted so that you can access our introductory offer. If you leave your details with us, we will reach out to you when the restrictions are lifted so that you can book a time with us and take up our introductory offer.

Thank you for your information. We will get in touch with you to arrange an appointment the moment the restrictions are lifted.