Sedation / Anxious Patients

At Brunswick Dentist, we understand that a visit to a dental practice can be quite challenging for nervous patients. We use Penthrox “Green Whistle” for the management of the nervous patient treatments to ensure you never skip your next dental assessment again. The Penthrox option is ideal for quelling patient fears or making lengthier procedures in the chair more comfortable. Penthrox is an inhalational agent that is known to affect anxiousness and pain. Paramedics in Victoria also use this “Green Whistle’ in trauma circumstances. It is very safe and you have control as to how much you take.

New dental patient special offer

Online intro offer temporarily suspended due to Covid-19

We would love to get in touch with you once the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted so that you can access our introductory offer. If you leave your details with us, we will reach out to you when the restrictions are lifted so that you can book a time with us and take up our introductory offer.

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